AP Panettone

We can also make for any other watches.

Price: $149.99 without buckle for AP 42mm, or $189.99 for AP 44mm, or $109.99 for normal shape.
We can make to fit your original clasp/buckle. Or you can also order our 'standard' tang buckle for $17. **So please tell me the buckle that you're gonna put on.
Thickness: +/- 4.5mm near lug and thin down to 2.5mm on holes area.
Style: Elegant vintage.
Availability of material: Available. Launched December 10, 2015
Waterproof: Never been tested.
*** Our AP straps uses metal insert inside the strap just like OEM strap, it will fit perfectly to your ROO 42mm & 44mm like OEM. Installing will also be very easy.