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Our Latest Product.....!!!

Sporty Chessboard Series - the unique Extreme Chessboard White

GUNNY made strap for Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger!
You can read the article here, but it's in Spanish, you can auto-translate it to any language you want anyway.

© Erwan Grey for credit and Rights Reserved.
© Erwan Grey for credit and Rights Reserved.

 © Erwan Grey for credit and Rights Reserved

~~~an art on your wrist~~~
My name is Peter. 
 Gunny Straps is a fully hand made, hand finished straps. It's all made by hand with help of small manual tools, so you might find some minor imperfection in it which is unavoidable for a handmade straps. Again, human is different from machine, so every strap is unique and have their own character, especially for manually distressed/vintaged one. If you expect a very precision, perfectly aligned machine-made strap, and perfectly color pattern similarity then you're in the wrong address, but if you're looking for an art strap, with individually numbered, with each its own unique character, then you're in the right place. Any other model also available as per request, not limited to one watch brand only.

~~~if you don't have idea what to order, you can consult with me, I will help you~~~

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